How to Choose Paint Colours

Colour can alter our perspective of the space around us. It can make the area feel cool and energetic, spacious or cosy.  The paint colour choices made for your home and working space reflects your unique style and personality.

To find the perfect colour for your room or space, begin by sourcing inspiration.

A great place to start is to review our colour charts at your local paint or hardware store, or check out our colour inspiration section.

Once you’ve selected a colour for your walls, which will act like a canvas and a backdrop to your styled room, begin by deciding on what tone you think will work.

For example you might like the colour blue for your walls. There are many blue paint colours to select from so consider the amount of natural light in the space, the floor colouring and the type of furniture going into the room before narrowing down some options.

Darker colours tend to narrow or close in a space so might be great for cosy areas or large areas that you’d like to have appear smaller.

Lighter colours will open up a space, particularly if the same tone is used for walls and ceilings.

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