Since its inception over a century ago, Taubmans has been built on technical superiority and PPG, with their 700-strong research and development team, keeps this proud tradition alive. PPG is consistently introducing revolutionary new technologies like Microban®, and most recently, Nanoguard® with its unique, interlocking molecular structure.


Taubmans Endure is engineered with Nanoguard®, which provides maximum protection for your walls. It has an interlocking molecular structure that creates a protective shield so everyday dirt and stains can be wiped away without compromising the quality of the paint. It provides excellent mould and mildew protection so you have a cleaner and healthier home environment. It is one of the most advanced paint technologies available today.


Easycoat with Microban® technology helps to protect painted surfaces from the growth of bacteria, mould and fungus. These built-in antimicrobial properties make Easycoat ideal for walls and ceilings in bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms, as well as damp, high humidity areas.

Microban technology is limited to the treated surface and is not designed to protect users or others from disease-causing microorganisms. Microban is not a substitute for normal cleaning practices.


DURACLEAN® Technology delivers a luxuriously silky smooth finish allowing outstanding stain resistance and washability. This technology does not wash or wear off and lasts the life of the paint.

DURACLEAN® is a trademark by PPG Industries Australia Pty, Ltd.

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