Top 15 Trending Neutrals

Where to splash your neutrals


Neutrals can be used on every part of the house from the exterior to the ceilings, trims and walls to provide a subtle base for your colour scheme. Use a sympathetic white such as Taubmans Crisp White or Akimbo for a neutral interior with a little spark. If you want to stay subtle, look at a quarter strength of the same neutral, but make sure you have a combination. Low sheen for walls and gloss for trims and doors to give texture.


You can get a different look with the same paint colours by shifting the focus of where the colour goes and the strength you use. On walls, use Taubmans Cobblestone Path with all trims in Brilliant White, or really throw some attention onto your French doors by trying a fresh colour like Lemon Delight. If you want to be dramatic, try Lemon Delight on a brick wall in your outdoor area then frame it with some greenery and Taubmans Crisp White trims to really give a summer feel.  The great thing about painting with bold colours in small accent areas is you can change them seasonally, creating a whole new look in just one weekend.


Taubmans top 15 neutral paint colours:

















Don’t play it safe


This inherent adaptability of neutrals is a good thing – with both personality and the comfort of a tried-and-tested choice. So, don’t feel you have to ‘play it safe’ with palette choice - without risk there’s no reward! There is a clever new generation of shades that seemingly have a stylish foot in both the neutral and colour camps. A pitch-perfect case in point is the Taubmans 2017 Colour of the Year, Violet Verbena. Whether in its paler quarter, half or striking full-strength formulation, this mutable ‘chameleon’ colour can appear as the palest dove-to-charcoal grey, or with a graduating blue-purple haze to it.


Colours like Taubmans Cannon Deep and Oyster Bar add a slight sense of drama to Violet Verbena, evolving it from whimsical to wonderful. Adding a soft neutral like Movie Star completes the tonal colour palette. If you’re unsure, use one of Taubmans’ new Sample Pots to test a small area before painting whole walls.


The BEIGE and the Beautiful


The use of beige, all too often accented with deep browns, used to make many interiors look tired. However, teaming beige with soft greys and greenery really brings it to life. Beige is also a very flexible colour – try adding more bold touches of navy and black for a really dramatic take on colour schemes that used to send you to sleep. Some of Taubmans best beiges are Fossil Find, Taupe Stone, Tenacity and Poland Stone.


What’s the easiest way to determine a colour’s undertone?


The basics of colour temperature are important to understand as warm and cool neutrals will tend to "fight" each other if there isn't another colour in between them. A good way to see fighting neutrals is to take two Taubmans colours – Cottage Cream and Ocean Pearl and put them together. When held together Cottage Cream appears grey and dirty, while Ocean Pearl looks a brighter yellow. This is because the warm and cool combination brings out the intensity of each as they are opposite each other on the colour wheel. A better choice than Cottage Cream in this instance would be Milk Cloud.

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