THE ALL-NEW TAUBMANS ENDURE INTERIOR - Proven to deliver superior protection*

Significant advancements in technology make this one of the best performing premium paints now on the market, scientifically proven to deliver superior protection, and backed by a Lifetime Guarantee+.

Now Australian DIY painters no longer need to compromise in any one area of performance.

The new Taubmans Endure Interior range carries a superior 8-in-1 multi-benefit protection for homes across eight crucial performance areas:

· Wash resistant
· Stain resistant
· Scrub resistant
· Anti-microbial
· Asthma & allergy friendly
· Low odour & Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound)
· Inhibits mould & mildew
· Advanced Nanoguard® technology

The all-new Taubmans Endure Interior Low Sheen offers superior performance against leading competitors, making it the perfect choice for interior walls of Australian homes.

Lab results demonstrate its superior performance - compared to a leading competitor^, NEW Endure Interior Low Sheen:

· Has 40% less shine after washing at the most noticeable 85-degree viewing angle;
· Is 11% more stain resistant;
· Endures almost 1,500 scrubs before breaking through the paint surface.

That means it will keep your walls looking as beautiful as they day you painted them, handling whatever life throws at them.

Improved indoor air quality is a strong feature of the new Endure Interior range, with low odour, and VOC* levels reduced to 16g/m2, which is especially helpful for asthma and allergy sufferers looking for Sensitive Choice approved products.

The advanced anti-microbial technology in the new Taubmans Endure Interior also sees it better equipped to protect homes against mould, mildew, and bacteria.

New Matt Finish Range

In response to recent interior design trends leaning towards matt surfaces, the Endure Interior range now includes an ultra-washable, stain resistant Matt finish. With revolutionary technology, the new Matt sheen level performs like a low sheen in terms of washability and stain resistance, whilst still maintaining a true matt finish.

The new Taubmans Endure Interior Low Sheen and Matt are rolling out across Bunnings Warehouse nationwide from February 12, 2018

* Testing was performed to Australian standards where applicable and against market leading competitors in the same segment using white base interior wall paints in Low-sheen and Matt-sheen in January 2018.

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