Innovation has always been at the forefront of the Taubmans brand, since it was established in 1899 by Sydney sign writer, George Henry Taubman. Those who’ve used Endure Interior before have no doubt that it’s an exceptional paint; confirmed by independent experts. In 2011 Taubmans Endure Interior Low Sheen secured the number one position in the highly contended CHOICE Awards and was again CHOICE Recommended in 2017. 

Now your clients no longer need to compromise in any one area of performance. The new Taubmans Endure Interior range carries a superior 8-in-1 multi-benefit protection across eight crucial performance areas:

  • Wash resistant
  • Stain resistant
  • Scrub resistant
  • Anti-microbial
  • Asthma & allergy friendly
  • Low odour & Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound)
  • Inhibits mould & mildew
  • Advanced Nanoguard® technology

The all new Taubmans Endure Interior Low Sheen offers superior performance against leading competitors, making it the perfect choice for interior walls. Lab results demonstrate its superior performance and when compared to a leading competitor^ new Endure Interior Low Sheen:
· 40% less shine after washing at the most noticeable 85-degree viewing angle;
· 11% more stain resistant;
· Endures almost 1,000 scrubs before breaking through the paint surface.

When trialing the new Endure Interior range, PPG NSW Business Development Manager for Residential, Richard Zaiter, explained how impressed he was with the new formulation. “When brushing out the paint across the wall, I was able to achieve more distance, especially when painting over a well-prepared surface with white undercoat.
“When rolling the paint out, I found that it easily transferred from the roller onto the wall. As long as the paint wasn’t being overworked, the walls stayed wet allowing me to get a uniform finish, especially when cutting into the tighter areas such as up to corners and around light fittings.”

Improved indoor air quality is a strong feature of the new Endure Interior range, with low odour, and VOC* levels reduced to 15g/m2, which is especially helpful for asthma and allergy sufferers looking for Sensitive Choice approved products. The advanced anti-microbial technology in the new Taubmans Endure Interior is also better equipped to protect against mould, mildew, and bacteria.

In response to recent interior design trends leaning towards matt surfaces, the Endure Interior range now includes an ultra-washable, stain resistant Matt finish. With revolutionary Ceramic Microsphere technology, the new Matt sheen level performs like a low sheen in terms of washability and stain resistance, whilst still maintaining a true matt finish.
In order to really test the new Matt finish, Richard explains, “I selected a grey tone as this is known to be a trickier colour to expose variations between the cutting in and rolling out. I found that the Matt finish paint performed brilliantly with superior results, limited variations when blending and performed well for touch up areas. Treat the new Endure Matt finish like any other paint by ensuring the appropriate surface preparation has been conducted, apply the right undercoat and use great high quality tools, brushes and rollers to guarantee the best finish and to achieve beautifully tough walls.”

Taubmans Category Development Manager Matt Browell continues, “The all new Taubmans Endure is engineered with Advanced Nanoguard® Technology, which provides maximum protection for your walls. It has an interlocking molecular structure of small and large particles that create a protective shield so everyday dirt and stains can be wiped away without compromising the quality of the paint. The anti-microbial properties provide excellent mould and mildew protection, so you have a cleaner and healthier home environment. It is one of the most advanced paint technologies available today.”

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