Tradex Ceiling

Interior and sheltered exterior ceilings

Excellent opacity
No roller splatter
Easy to spray
Dead flat finish

Colour Range
White and a wide range of pastel colours tinted from white.
Drying And Recoating
Normally dries in 30 minutes and may be recoated after 2 hours. Note - In damp or humid conditions drying time is lengthened
Gloss Level
Flat (1%) as per AS2311
Ensure adequate ventilation during use
Specifications met
APAS 0260/5 approved

Surfaces must be clean, dry and free from all surface contamination. Wash down the surface with detergent, followed by a rinse with clean water. Treat mould with bleach then rinse with fresh water. Fill in surface defects such as cracks or holes with a suitable filler, putty or sealant.

Stir paint well in a circular lifting motion for 5 minutes before use with a broad flat paddle. Apply one coat of Tradex UltraPrep (where required) and two coats of Tradex topcoat (Ceiling, Matt, Low Sheen or Semi-Gloss) by using a good quality brush and roller sleeve (12mm for Ceiling, Matt & Low Sheen; 8-10mm for Semi-Gloss). Extra coats may be required for application by brush only. It is also important to avoid using poor quality or worn rollers and brushes as they can adversely affect the final finish. Spray Application: Airless Spray or HVLP. Thin up to 10%.
Approximately 16m² per litre depending on the nature of the surface. Coverage on rough and/or porous surfaces will be lower.
During Painting
Keep floors and furniture covered. Ensure adequate ventilation during application and drying. Keep the lid on containers when not in use. Do not paint when temperature is below 10°C, or above 35°C. Keep the container sealed when not in use.
After Painting
Avoid exposure to steam & condensation for 48 hours. Surfaces may be washed after 7 days.