Ultimate Enamel

Taubmans® Ultimate Enamel is a premium, fast drying enamel that uses superior Alkyd technology to provide the durability and performance of a traditional oil based enamel, while also being environmentally friendly because it's water based. This innovative technology provides faster dry times and less yellowing than a traditional oil based enamel, while maintaining a smooth finish. Perfect for doors, trims, skirting boards and windows, Taubmans® Ultimate Enamel inhibits mould and mildew, has low VOC, less odour and an easy water clean up. Ultimate Enamel is the ideal choice for a high end professional finish.

Available in 1L, 4L and 10L.

Ideal for interior and exterior doors & trims. Gloss level 90%. VOC level less than 50g/L.
Semi Gloss
Ideal for all interior doors and trims. Gloss level 45% - 50%.
Low Sheen
Ideal for all interior doors and trims. Gloss Level 10% - 20%

Preparation and Directions
Surfaces must be clean, dry and free from all surface contamination. Treat mould with bleach then rinse with clean water. Fill in the surface defects with suitable filler, putty or sealant. Avoid using masking tape on wall and ceiling paints.
New Work
Paper faced plasterboard, fibre cement, masonry and timber: apply one coat of Taubmans 3 in 1.
Previously Painted Surfaces
Remove all loose and flaking paint and sand glossy or enamel surfaces thoroughly. Prime bare areas with Taubmans 3 in 1. To ensure an even surface when painting over patchy or contrasting colours apply Taubmans 3 in 1. For previously painted enamel surfaces undercoat with Taubmans 3 in 1.
Confirm colour before use. Apply two coats using a 4mm – 6mm (length of nap or pile) roller or good quality brush. Avoid overspreading. If painting a large flat trim area, such as a door, apply by roller for best appearance.

  • Stir paint in a circular lifting motion for 5 minutes before use
  • Drying time: 1 – 2 hours (touch dry)
  • Recoat: 4 - 6 hours at 25°C (allow an hour longer in cold or humid areas)
  • Do not paint at temperatures below 10°C

Up to 10 - 12m² per litre. Coverage will be lower on rough or absorbent surfaces.

Low Volatile Organic Compound
Low Volatile Organic Compound This product contains Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) contents; assisting architects, building owners and homebuilders in building green. PPG was one of the first pioneers in the paint industry to develop new performance standards for zero and low-VOC products. With PPG, painting green does not mean sacrificing coating performance.