How to store used paint

How To Store Used Paint

You're done with painting but there's some paint left over. Throwing it away isn't good for the environment, you should never pour paint down the drain, and you'll probably need some for touching up in the future. If you don't store it correctly, in a year or so, the paint may become lumpy or even rusty.

Firstly you'll need a few things: plastic food wrap or a plastic grocery bag, and a rubber mallet or a hammer and a small block of wood. Next, follow these steps:

  1. Wipe away paint on the lip or rim of the paint can.
  2. Take the plastic wrap or grocery bag and cut in a circle slightly longer than the size of the can of paint.
  3. Put the plastic on top of the can of paint before you put the lid back on. The plastic will be an air seal and will keep the paint from drying out.
  4. Fasten the lid back onto the can using the rubber mallet, or by tapping lightly on the small block of wood using the hammer.
  5. Store the paint in a dry and cool place out of the direct sunlight, also ensuring it does not freeze.
  6. Keep paint out of the rim by making some holes under the lip using a hammer and a nail. The holes will let paint to drip back into the can when you pour the paint into a tray or small bucket.
  7. If you have paint cans that are empty you might be able to throw away or recycle them, after letting any residual paint dry.