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New Paint Brand for Taubmans will Endure in the Market with the Help of Real Life Painters and an Integrated Marketing Campaign 9 July 2009

On September 13, Taubmans will launch its biggest integrated communications campaign to date for its new paint brand Taubmans Endure.  A major advertising campaign, media relations and a brand new website will break this month to announce to DIY enthusiasts that there is a new paint brand on the shelves and it has been engineered using Nanoguard.

Nadine Miller-Vachon, Marketing Manager Taubmans said,

"Taubmans wants people to think about the next paint that they're going to buy. We want people to start thinking about paint based on performance, features and benefits".

"Taubmans Endure is a new range of superior performing interior and exterior paint engineered with Nanoguard.  We're very excited about our new innovation in the paint category as currently no one else offers interior and exterior paint under the same umbrella brand.  Taubmans Endure Interior has superior performance when tested against a leading competitor brand for stain resistance and performs two times better when tested against scrubbing*.  Taubmans Endure Exterior also consistently outperforms the competition when it comes to dirt shedding capabilities".

Taubmans has engaged key agency partners, along with two real life professional painters Nick Taylor and Roy Evans to bring their 'Engineered to Endure' campaign to life.

The advertising, PR and digital components of the campaign have been built around the credibility of Nick and Roy - two Aussie painters who have a passion and flair for painting and being in front of the camera. McCann Worldgroup Sydney developed the TVC concept of casting real painters and this in hand led to the execution of the PR campaign led by Maverick PR and the 'Search for Taubmans Tom'.

The FARM Digital was the digital agency chosen to conduct a total redesign of the taubmans.com.au website and the creation of the digital ad campaigns to support the media strategy using the mediums of TV and Digital. The website will go live on September 13 in conjunction with the launch of the TVC.  Mediaedge:cia was instrumental in developing the Channel and Media Strategy and Morton Branding has designed and produced all of the new Endure product packaging that clearly communicates the 'technology applied' and Ultra Premium product offering and positioning.

Nadine Miller-Vachon, Marketing Manager Taubmans continues,

"With the launch of Taubmans Endure, we want to bring a fresh approach to the paint category. When it comes to painting, we want our consumers to hear from the experts that use the product day in and day out. Roy has been a professional painter for over 40 years and Nick started his apprenticeship when he was 17 years old, he's now been painting for five years and couldn't imagine doing anything else. In every element of the Taubmans Endure campaign we've used the integrity of Nick and Roy as real life painters to reassure the consumer that the information is credible".

The success of implementing this new campaign has relied greatly on the synergies and fresh approach that all partner agencies provided throughout the creation of the Endure Product Launch.


Notes to editors:

  • *Taubmans Endure has been repeatedly tested against a leading competitor brand.
  • Testing has been conducted under controlled laboratory conditions using the same surfaces, cleaning agents and test methods for its dirt shedding, scrub resistance and stain resistant properties.
  • Individual results may vary. Original data source can be located at PPG Architectural Coatings, 9 Birmingham Ave Villawood NSW  2163.
  • All products purchased and testing conducted between January - July 2009.
  • Controlled laboratory testing has proven that Taubmans Endure Interior performs two times better than a leading competitor brand against scrubbing.