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Soaking Up Your Bathroom Walls 18 August 2010

Create your own soothing oasis with Taubmans Endure

Although it’s often one of the smallest rooms in the house, the bathroom is a sanctuary - a place to relax, unwind and escape from the chaos of the world. A fresh coat of paint can transform any bathroom into a soothing oasis so that it becomes one of the most relaxing spaces in the home. As well as careful colour consideration, you need to choose a paint that will shield against stains and mould and mildew. Taubmans Endure Kitchen and Bathroom provides excellent protection for your walls throughout the life of the paint, backed up by a 15 year guarantee#.

When deciding on the right colour pallet, if your bathroom walls are tiled, opt for a colour which compliments them. Taubmans colour consultant Zinta Heard says:

“Tiles are forever, but paint gives a decorative update for bathrooms. Minimising the amount of tiled area and maximising painting surfaces is not only more economical, but it also provides the opportunity to make colour changes to your walls. For a harmonious effect - choose Taubmans Endure Cream Bisque with stone tiles or charcoal for a more dramatic result.”

Taubmans Endure is a superior performing paint because it has been engineered with NanoguardTM. The interlocking molecular structure creates a protective shield so that everyday dirt and stains can simply be wiped away - without compromising the quality of the paint*. So you can have peace of mind, knowing your walls will stay fresher and cleaner for longer.

For further information, photography and product samples, please contact; Janine Smith, Maverick PR, (02) 9957 9577 jsmith@maverick.com.au or Mel Grove (02) 9957 9555 mgrove@maverick.com.au