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Taubmans Endure Demonstrates Industry-First Commitment to Superior Quality 1 March 2014

Offering specifiers the best-in-class architectural coatings, Taubmans Endure Interior and Exterior paints now come with an additional quality assurance for its superior durability - a Lifetime Guarantee*. 

Introduced following intensive technical benchmarking against competitor formulations, the Taubmans Endure Lifetime Guarantee is a reflection of Taubmans’ confidence that it is the most enduring paint in the Australian market, thanks to its superior washability, and stain and scrub resistance. 

Taubmans Endure has been expertly engineered to deliver unparalleled endurance with Nanoguard® technology. Other paints consist of regular sized particles that leave gaps between the particles, allowing dirt and pollution to get ingrained under the surface. Taubmans Endure’s Nanoguard® formula contains a unique combination of small and large particles that interlock to form a strong protective barrier, offering maximum protection from dirt, grease and all weather conditions. 

The resilient surface created by Taubmans Endure provides walls with superior washability with half the scrubbing required compared to competitor products. Dirt and grime on the surface can be easily removed without deteriorating or damaging the paint. 

In addition, Taubmans Endure Interior’s antibacterial properties deliver effective protection against mould and mildew, and its allergy and asthma friendly formulation makes it the only paint brand accepted into the National Asthma Council of Australia’s Sensitive Choice Program. 

To deliver reliably excellent results for specifiers, Taubmans Endure Interior also comes with a new and improved formulation that provides maximum hiding power and outstanding opacity. 

The combination of these hard-wearing properties along with unlimited colour availability, makes Taubmans Endure suitable for all project specifications, including aged care, education, residential, corporate, hospitality and retail.

Trevor Lowder, Head of Marketing at Taubmans for the Trade segment says, "Taubmans has been harnessing technology and innovation for over 110 years to give specifiers the utmost confidence in their choice of architectural coatings. We are constantly testing and benchmarking our products against competitors. The consistently outstanding results confirm that Taubmans Endure is the most superior paint in the marketplace and provided the impetus to introduce our new Lifetime Guarantee." 

To showcase the new and improved formula, and Lifetime Guarantee the packaging of both Taubmans Endure Interior and Exterior paints have undergone a sleek makeover. The interior tins now feature looks designed by interior designer and Taubmans brand ambassador, Shaynna Blaze, while the exterior tins sport images of Australian homes. 

The Taubmans Endure Interior and Exterior ranges are available in the full spectrum of Taubmans colours, with one, two, four, ten and 15 litre options. The Taubmans Endure Interior range now also includes a new One Coat Ceiling product.