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Taubmans launches new Colour Look Books to inspire Australians 28 August 2013

28 August, 2013 (Sydney, Australia): Leading Australian paint expert, Taubmans, today reaffirmed its commitment to injecting colour into the lives of Australians with the release of the brand’s latest Colour Look Books. Taubmans also used the occasion to re-launch Taubmans Endure, now with a Lifetime Guarantee. Both will be available at Bunnings and leading paint and hardware stores from September 2013.


The five Colour Look Books are designed to encourage Australians to take inspiration from the world around them and successfully create personalised colour palettes and interiors. Created in collaboration with Taubmans Brand Ambassador and Colour Creative Director, Shaynna Blaze, the Interior Colour Look Books highlight three colourful décor inspiration themes, Flora’s Canvas, Birds of a Feather and Imagination.


Taubmans first-ever Exterior Look Book celebrates the diversity of Australian homes and style, while the Your Style, Our Colours Look Book showcases some of Taubmans’ most popular styles, from modern and retro, to eclectic and classic.


Within each Colour Look Book, readers are provided with a range of inspirational ideas, compatible colour palettes, styling suggestions and recommendations on how to best achieve the desired results within their own homes.


  • Flora’s Canvasallows consumers to translate the naturally occurring colours of the botanical world to their interior décor. From the kaleidoscope of colours in the changing leaves of autumn trees, to the fresh, crisp greens of spring, Mother Nature’s broad palette can be a vibrant source of colour inspiration.


  • Birds of a Featherdraws inspiration from not only the colour of Australian birds, like the blues and greys of the Radiant Wren and the Grand Owl’s subtle shades of brown, but also their habitat, texture and environment to help create a rich and layered interior colour scheme.   


  • Imaginationfeatures five looks inspired by the whimsical theme of childhood imagination and allowing this to run wild and free. By using the tips in this Look Book, parents can allow their kids to take ownership of the style and colours they choose to express who they are, and fuel their imagination for adventure.


  • Taubmans’ first-ever Exterior Look Book, Australian Style, A Guide to Choosing Exterior Colours draws inspiration from the varying architecture of homes across Australia. The colour schemes featured in the Look Book empower consumers to select hues that will bring out the best of their home, whether modern or traditional.


Commenting on the new Colour Look Books, Shaynna Blaze said, “Soaking in the world around me always sparks inspiration for interiors, so I am thrilled to partner with Taubmans to bring some of my favourite sources of inspiration to life in the new Interior and Exterior Look Books. They have been created to help Australians get the basics of colour right and to successfully evoke emotion and stamp personality on their homes.”


Taubmans has also re-launched Taubmans Endure Interior and Exterior, this time with a Lifetime Guarantee. Taubmans Endure with Nanoguard provides superior washability and stain resistance and is approved by the National Asthma Council of Australia’s Sensitive Choice Program.


The Taubmans Endure packaging has undergone a sleek makeover. The interior tins now feature looks designed by Shaynna Blaze, which bring to life the colour inspiration behind the paint products, while the exterior tins sport images of Australian homes.


To mark the dual launches, Taubmans hosted an elegant degustation dinner at The Bridge Room in Sydney. Celebrating the theme of ‘inspiration’, Taubmans collaborated with renowned Chef, Ross Lusted, to create a fusion of the complimentary disciplines of Interiors and Gastronomy – termed Interionomy. Ross drew inspiration from the Colour Look Books to create a series of dishes that echoed the colours, textures and shapes of the interior images.


Ross Lusted explains the creative process in working with Taubmans to develop the Interionomy concept; “I studied the depth and tone of colours, and the combination of textures and shapes comprising the interior looks – and creatively incorporated these details in the dishes. Inspiration for what I do as a chef is everywhere, and I love the idea of drawing inspiration from one discipline and recreating it in another.”


For more information about the new Taubmans Colour Look Books or Taubmans Endure, visit www.taubmans.com.au


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Notes to Editors:


Nanoguard Technology

Taubmans Endure Nanoguard technology means that the paint formulation is comprised of both small and large particles. The small particles interlock with the larger particles, forming a strong protective barrier that shields the paint surface from dirt and grease, making it less likely to get ingrained, or deteriorate the paint. This delivers a longer life and better results in wipe and scrub tests, when compared to market leading paint brands.


Taubmans Endure Lifetime Guarantee

For home owners, this guarantee means that if they paint their walls with Taubmans Endure, and follow the correct preparation and painting directions, their walls will be guaranteed against blistering, flaking or peeling for as long as they live at the property.


For more information about Taubmans new Colour Look Books or Taubmans Endure, go to: www.taubmans.com.au


For more information on Shaynna Blaze, visit www.shaynnablaze.com


Ross Lusted from The Bridge Room

Revered Sydney-based chef, Ross Lusted is the owner of award-winning restaurant, The Bridge Room. Ross is highly regarded in the culinary community and featured regularly in the media and on shows such as Master Chef and SBS Food Safari.


The Bridge Room was nominated for Best New Restaurant by Australian Gourmet Traveller and featured as #14 on the Top 100 Best Restaurants in Australia for 2013. It was also nominated for New Restaurant of the Year, awarded Two Chef’s Hats in the Good Food Guide. Ross has been named Hottest Chef by The Australian Magazine and is a finalist for Good Food’s Chef of the Year award.

For more information, visit: www.thebridgeroom.com.au    

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For more information on Taubmans Look Books, Taubmans Endure or the Interionomy concept, please contact DEC PR at ppg@decpr.com.au or call 02 8014 5033.