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Taubmans launches new generation Colour Galaxy Fandeck 18 June 2015

Australian designers are among the most trend-forward paint specifiers in the world, according to Taubmans, which this month launches the new Colour Galaxy Fandeck.

It has been 15 years since Taubmans released a new fandeck, and after extensive market research into how design professionals use their decks, the Colour Galaxy Fandeck was created as a tool to support the Taubmans Colour Galaxy online.

“Australian designers are increasingly inspiring their clients to make bold choices in paint,” said Head of Marketing - Trade, Trevor Lowder, “so we’ve designed a new fandeck which clearly presents both the classic and trend driven colours.”

The new Colour Galaxy Fandeck features 1505 hand-selected shades divided into two main sections. In the first section, “Whites, Neutrals and Mineral Tones”, you will find some old favourites plus new directional shades.

Taubmans is renowned for their well-considered whites and neutrals and this newly design Colour Galaxy Fandeck brings a robust selection of these colours to the front of the deck, making the colours easily accessible and the selection process much simpler for specifiers.

The second section, titled the Spectrum Colours takes its name from the hugely popular Spectrum Fandeck produced in 2000. The colours featured include both muted and clear palettes, featuring fantastic accent colours that capture both short term and long-term global colour trends. This section also incorporates 31 brand new colours that have been added to the Taubmans Colour Galaxy.

Every leaf in the Colour Galaxy Fandeck displays seven generous colour swatches. The leaves that feature whites have darker shades in the centre of each leaf layout, which acts as a handy guide to the nuances of the colours on either side of it.

The innovation continues through to the packaging of the Colour Galaxy Fandeck. The embossed black cover features a magnetic closure, making it both comfortable to use and easy to work with. It was imperative that this new packaging was as inspiring as it was functional to ensure it will become a go-to colour tool for design professionals. The isolator included with the Colour Galaxy Fandeck features black, grey and white backgrounds, providing additional contrasts to help select the perfect colour. The fact that the isolator is separate and not attached to the fandeck itself offers increased freedom when utilizing this tool.

Taubmans commissioned muralist Stephen Baker to create artwork for a limited edition Colour Galaxy Fandeck bag to celebrate the history of the brand. “The Painter” depicts an image of a sign painter in Stephen’s signature colour blocking style and was inspired by Taubmans’ founder, George Taubman. George, a Sydney sign writer, decided to create his own paint brand in 1901 to supply himself with the
highest quality of paints needed for his trade.

Overall, a comprehensive and functional fandeck has been achieved that includes a well-considered and user-friendly palette brimming with classics and directional colours.