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Taubmans Offers Expert Advice to First Home Owners 8 February 2010

Decorating Decisions Made Easy

Thanks to the first home owners boost, many new and proud proprietors are about to make their first decorating decisions. Not only is it an exciting time of new beginnings but it’s also a chance to mark your own territory and transform your home into your newly prized possession.  To help first home owners with these important DIY choices, Taubmans real life painter, Nick Taylor is giving advice to those starting out.

For most, revamping the walls with a fresh coat of paint is the first item on the redecorating ‘to-do’ list. Although this is one of the easiest ways to liven up your new home and add your own personal touch, paint company Taubmans, the makers of Taubmans Endure, a superior performing range of interior and exterior paint, recognise that choosing the right paint is vital. Not only do you have to decide on the right colour, it’s also important to choose a paint with lasting benefits as well as knowing the correct preparation methods. Real life Taubmans painter, Nick Taylor offers some handy hints to ensure that you’re making the right choice for your new home.

With the help of Taubmans’ professional painter Nick Taylor, these choices can be made easy as he answers the five most commonly asked questions from first owners:

How much paint do I need?

For an average sized bedroom (3m x 4m), you will need 4L of paint. This will give you two coats of paint. While most paint cans say that you can get up to 16m2/L, you will find that most people get about 12-14m2/L. Top Tip: For rough or porous surfaces allow an extra 15% for the first coat.

How should I prepare the surface?

Ensure surfaces that you are going to paint are clean, dry and free of contamination. Walls should be wiped down with Sugar Soap even if they do not appear to be dirty to ensure the paint has a clean surface to adhere to. If you are painting a previously painted surface in Enamel (usually doors and architraves) sand these back and wipe down and use a prep coat, Taubmans 3 in 1.

How do I choose the right paint?

Choosing the right paint can also give your home extra protection against future damage from everyday wear and tear, such as stains and spills caused from grease, red wine, cordial and beetroot. Taubmans has launched a range of superior performing interior and exterior paint, engineered with Nanoguard, called Taubmans Endure*. The interlocking molecular structure of Taubmans Endure creates a protective shield so that everyday dirt and stains can simply be wiped away without compromising the quality of the paint.

How do I know when to choose low sheen, gloss or matt paint?

Low Sheen paint is ideal for high traffic areas like hallways, walls and bedrooms. Gloss paint provides a harder finish that gives better wear, ideal for doors and architraves. A matt finish is best for ceilings as it hides surface imperfections, giving a uniform flat look that reduces light reflection.

How long should I expect my paint job to last?

Taubmans Endure Interior is the first interior paint in Australia that has a 15 year guarantee.

For further information about Taubmans Endure; including more tips from our professional paint experts, visit www.taubmans.com.au


Notes to Editor:

  • Taubmans Endure has been repeatedly tested against a leading competitor brand.
  • Testing has been conducted under controlled laboratory conditions using the same surfaces, cleaning agents and test methods for its dirt shedding, scrub resistance and stain resistant properties.
  • Taubmans Endure is a water based paint and the range covers Interior Walls, Ceilings, Doors & Trim, Kitchen & Bathroom and Exterior
  • The range is available at Bunnings nationwide, Taubmans Trade Centres, Bristol Decorator Centres and all good hardware stores
  • Endure Interior and Exterior 4L RRP is $63.90 including GST
  • Taubmans stockist number - 131 686

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