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Tom Williams Gives Taubmans a New Coat of Paint the Face of 'Taubmans Tom' Revealed 23 July 2009

At a colourful 'paint-off' event held in Sydney today, Tom Williams in collaboration with Taubmans, announced the winner of 'The Search for Taubmans Tom' - a nationwide search for an apprentice painter to play the starring role in an upcoming TV advertisement and become an instantly recognised face across the country.

Hosted by 'chippie done well', Tom Williams, three finalists were handpicked from 30 to battle brush strokes in a hotly contested, head-to-head, live paint-off on the 'Taubmans Wall of Endurance'.  The three finalists were Nick, a local painter from Surry Hills, Kyle a talented painter from Orange and Kiel, a painter living in the Gold Coast had a mere 15 minutes to prove why they should be crowned the face of Taubmans as their painting and acting skills were put to the test in front of a live judging panel.

In announcing the winner Nick Taylor, Tom Williams said,

"Who would have thought that Australia had so many talented tradesmen? Today gave these young apprentice painters the chance to show off their skills, it's great to see Taubmans giving a genuine real-life painter the opportunity to expand his credentials. At the end of the day, they're the ones who use the product day in day out.''

"Nick proved today that he is passionate about the painting world. He is as talented with a paint brush as he is behind the camera so I wish him all the success in showing the nation that tradies are more than a one trick pony - I look forward to seeing him in his leading role."

On winning, Nick Taylor, the new face of Taubmans Tom said,

"As a painter, I work with Taubmans products every day. I know the industry and am stoked to be cast as Taubmans Tom as I've been painting for the last five years and couldn't imagine doing anything else - I've definitely got painting in my blood."

The finalists were brought to Sydney for judging in front of a panel of experts, including Tom Williams, Peter Maguire the director of the Television Advertising Campaign, Jonny Browne, from McCann, the creative advertising agency and Nadine Miller-Vachon, Marketing Manager, Taubmans.

Nick will receive an official contract with Taubmans. 'The Search for Taubmans Tom' drew more than 30 entries nationally and was open to Aussie apprentice painters aged 18 to 26. It closed on 13th July.

The two runner-up finalists were Kyle French from Orange and Kiel Street from the Gold Coast.


Photos available for press:

  • Nick Taylor, Taubmans Tom - the future face of Taubmans paints with the nation's most famous chippie Tom Williams
  • Top three finalists battling brush strokes