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Welcome to 2020 with “Nurture” by TAUBMANS paint 18 December 2019

Welcome to 2020 with “Nurture” by TAUBMANS paint

Paint brand publishes first colour forecast, curated palettes for Australia

MELBOURNE, Australia, Dec.18, 2019 – TAUBMANS® paint by PPG today announced the brand’s first colour forecast titled “Nurture,” which features four curated palettes to inspire and empower Australians to embrace colour within the home in 2020.

“Home, and the places we increasingly make ourselves at home, are where we can best be ourselves,” said Rachel Lacy, PPG colour category manager, architectural coatings, Australia and New Zealand. “There is no more perfect way to express ourselves than through the medium of colour.”

Informed by global influences and inspired by the changing and diverse lifestyles and landscapes of Australia, “Nurture” presents a meaningful interpretation of the zeitgeist while challenging the predominance of neutral and monochromatic colour schemes.

“We want to empower Australians to more confidently include colour in their living spaces and to take a more personal view of colour,” explains Lacy. “Through the colour stories of ‘Nurture,’ we bring a real and stable platform for colour dreams to be safely launched. We hope to make the process of choosing colours easier and much more satisfying.”

Released as a limited-edition book, “Nurture” includes insights from Elizabeth Farrelly, associate professor at the University of New South Wales who holds a PhD in architecture, and Bettina Robinson, an associate with Breathe Architects, the sustainable design firm behind the Nightingale Housing movement.

Citing Luis Barrágan, the renowned Mexican architect, Farrelly reflects, “Barrágan understood that colour is deep. It is from, and for, the heart. Barrágan took the colours of the street into the enclaves of the rich, but colour itself is available to us all.”

Robinson notes, “…The current re-emergence of colour is very exciting to see. We have more recently been pushing ourselves out of the white comfort zone and are finding that our clients are responding positively.

“First and foremost, the design strategy at Breathe is ‘build less, give more.’ So…when colour is applied, it comes from a strong conceptual approach and must contribute towards making that space special.”

Looking to 2020, a protective, nurturing mood has emerged in response to increased polarisation, protest and climate concerns. The theme of “Nurture” captures this sentiment and echoes a collective desire to reconnect with nature and community, while also taking time for ourselves.

Colours evolve for 2020, with the “Nurture” forecast featuring the following four curated palettes of enhanced clarity and layered comfort.


About the people and for the people, Share reflects the changing shape of Australian lifestyles with a focus on sustainable communal and multi-generational living. Pastel brights are softened with a suggestion of gentle wear and recycling and complement soft natural greens and blues. Neutrals have a humble natural feel, reminiscent of brown paper and string.


Protect – for where it is time to retreat, disconnect, escape the noise and cocoon yourself within a protective bubble. The colours of the Australian outback are perfectly married with subtle retro futuristic dreams of space travel to Mars. Layers of red and orange-based hues build in intensity, creating a luxurious cocooning effect. Softer touches of mineral pink and gentle dried greens bring balance and calm.


Create – a colour story for free spirits. In the wake of the disruption, dissent and global protests that are part of the cultural landscape, self-expression takes precedence over perfection. The dynamic first impression of this colourful palette gives way to multiple pleasing harmonies and intriguing interplays. Bold contrasts complement each other, while light and shade duos allow for a softer expression.


Breathe draws on the restorative power of nature and the comfort of both spiritual and everyday rituals, which help to ground and reassure us in a world that sometimes feels out of control. Ethereal pales roll into gentle mid-tones and grounding darks in a palette rich with calming possibilities. Tonal pairings make for soothing layered combinations.

“In previous years, industry insiders and spectators have eagerly anticipated the announcement of the Taubmans colour of the year,” said Lacy. “The publication of the ‘Nurture’ colour collection represents a natural evolution to a series of complete colour palettes designed for Australia.”

To view the four colour palettes in full and download a copy of “Nurture,” please visit: www.taubmans.com.au/homeowners/article/colour-trends-2020


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EDITOR’S NOTE: High-resolution images can be downloaded. Interviews and complimentary paint in colours from the “Nurture” palettes are also available on request.

The TAUBMANS® Share colour palette is designed with sustainability in mind and to bring a touch of happiness to shared spaces.


The TAUBMANS® Protect colour palette calls for a considered approach to styling and is protective of both physical space and resources. Consumption is mindful, with curated possessions designed to last.


The TAUBMANS® Create colour palette is for free spirits and features rich depths, punchy brights and carefully balanced pales designed for experimentation.


The TAUBMANS® Breathe colour palette draws on the restorative power of nature and rituals to ground and comfort.