In the late 1890s George Henry Taubman, a Sydney sign writer, finally got tired of the poor range of paint available in Australia. Instead of finding another profession, in 1897 he established himself as a paint supplier/importer.

Two years later he was still unsatisfied with the product available so began manufacturing his own paint, and its popularity proved that he knew what he was doing. Between 1900 and 1912 the company grew from £600 to be worth £6,000 and by 1928, Taubmans had branches across Australia and New Zealand.

By 1930 Taubmans was a public, wholly owned Australian company and in that year became associated with Pinchin Johnson, one of the largest paint producers of the USA. This relationship helped maintain the company's technical competitiveness and steady expansion. Taubmans was chaired by the founder's son, Henry G. Taubman right up until 1952, and in August 2007 PPG Industries acquired the brand.