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Armawall Texture Systems FAQs

Armawall is a brand name, not a product. Armawall is a leading Australian manufacturer of architectural texture finishes such as Armawall Satin, Armawall Armashield, Armawall Tuscany Sand and Moroka. These finishes offer decorative appeal, excellent dirt shedding properties and extremely long life substrate protection. Armawall also has a large range of surface preparation products ranging from patching compounds, joint fillers and acrylic modified renders.
Armawall is a brand name, we have a range of texture finishes that we manufacture and sell. Moroka is one of these products. Moroka is an acrylic bagging finish that is technologically superior to any other coating of its type.
Armawall Texture finishes are acrylic and best applied over smooth substrates for maximum aesthetic appeal. Substrates like brick and block work usually require a sand and cement render layer to create a uniform smooth substrate before over coating.
Armawall top coats give a decorative appearance offering ease of maintenance, dirt shedding properties and offer long life protection, typically applied with higher film-builds than normal acrylic paint.
Armawall offers a range of Texture finishes as well as acrylic renders, patching compounds and a range top coat options.
Life expectancy varies depending on the system used. Typically, once an Armawall Texture finish has been applied, the base texture does not require re application. Armawall Texture finishes require minimal maintenance.
Yes, Armawall Texture coating colours are easily changed, usually by application of a primer and top coat
With time most colours fade. Armawall Texture finishes are tinted / coloured using pigments of the highest quality. Some colours created by using inorganic or synthetic pigments will fade more quickly than others. Please confirm your colour choice prior to application. To be reassured you chose a compatible colour, always select colours from an Exterior Colour Card
There are 4 top coating options in the Armawall range. These products have a duel purpose, they can be used either as a system on their own or used as a top coat over texture finishes to add additional protection and dirt shedding properties, as part of a complete texture coating system. Armawall top coating options are - Armawall Satin, Armawall Armashield, Armawall Roll on Membrane and Armawall Impact

Armawall Texture Warranties FAQs

Yes, Armawall Texture finishes are covered by a manufacturer's warranty, which covers the material only. The standard warranty is for (7) seven years and is supported by PPG (world leaders in the coatings industry). These are issued as part of a joint warranty system, meaning that the manufacturers warranty will be issued upon the presentation of an applicators warranty for the same property
The manufacturer's warranty covers the manufacturer's products that have been applied to the property and is issued by PPG Architectural Coatings Pty Ltd. The warranty is made out using the properties address, so that if the property is sold in the future, provided that the warranty is still valid it can be maintained by the new owners. The warranty cover's that the products have been supplied in good condition and fit for purpose.
The applicators warranty should cover his workmanship and the that the products have been applied in a professional and tradesman like manner, for any work that he has done on the building. Again the warranty will be made out using the property address and will list the products the applicator has applied. Their warranty will usually run for the same period of time as the manufacturer's warranty, typically 7 years.
There are several ways you can check on your applicator's ability. Firstly ask them for a certificate, these are issued by the larger texture coating manufacturers after a tradesman has attended an application course. You may also want to ask them for addresses of jobs they have done in your area, so you can see the quality of the work. Ask for references, speak to people like the home owners, etc. or call the coatings manufacturer.
Yes, both warranties can be re issued. Provided the original applicator, does the new work.
No. We term them "skilled applicators" in that anyone recommended by us has been instructed in the use of Armawall products and systems
Yes, Armawall has a large number of applicators available. Names of suggested applicators can be provided by contacting your state based texture specialist.
Skilled applicators are familiar with all Armawall systems and products. They are also able to supply a valid applicators warranty, give addresses of homes and projects that they have done as reference to their workmanship
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