Created by developer Meriton, and designed by DBI Design, Infinity is Brisbane’s tallest building, and hence its tallest residential tower. The building is fourth tallest in Australia at the time of writing at 249 metres tall, and contains 549 dwellings with a mix of serviced apartments and private residences distributed over 81 levels.

Comprised of a black glass skin with white concrete projections, each face of the tower is treated differently, within the self-imposed, restricted material palette.  Thus the demands of solar control on the western façade suggested vertical fenestration, whereas the northeast exposure is characterised by bold white horizontal projections.  The effect overall is of a tower that seems vertically articulated when viewed on approach from the northwest, and horizontally banded when approached from the southeast. Set into the horizontal banding is a series of sweeping ‘brushstrokes’, in Barry’s words, curving up through the bands. These give the tower its ‘painterly’ qualities – a term Barry uses to evoke the gesture of the brushstroke. In this way, “the painterly approach was more about scale than expressing occupation” defined the architecture.

In achieving the best outcome, the developer sought to work with the best available products, backed up by the best available service. This is not just to achieve a desirable end appearance on the finished product, but also to ensure that the coating will remain bright and unblemished for a longer period, without needing touching up or repainting. Both activities would be time consuming and expensive on a tower of this height; in fact, the initial painting process alone took 18 months to complete.

Taubmans was able to satisfy both of the developer’s objectives, proposing Armawall™ for the protective textured exterior coatings (all of those crisp, white concrete projections), offset against the sharp black glazing. On the interiors, Taubmans once again had an ideal product – Easycoat™, a low sheen paint that delivers superior coverage combined with an ease of application.  Crucially, Easycoat™ also meets the requirements of cost sensitivities in development projects. During the extensive painting process, Taubmans worked closely with the painter and the developer to ensure that all coatings and paint finishes were applied using the best techniques for the application. This ensured that quality standards were met, and the result speaks for itself.

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