Taubmans Easy Coat Pro

Taubmans Easy Coat Pro

For interior designers, architects and painters alike, specifying the right product that will stand the test of time is crucial. The aesthetics of a project need to look perfect not only at the immediate completion of works, but also in years to come.

A beautiful outcome is achieved with thorough consideration and commitment to all aspects of the project, from materials, fixtures and fittings, through to surface finishes and paints. A successful result is achieved when the appropriate interior colour scheme, application and subsequent quality of finishes are all considered with proportional balance. When selecting paint, finding a formulation that balances all the key attributes of a high quality product can be challenging. Paint is typically benchmarked on four key properties – opacity, application, maintenance and gloss levels. It is important to note that each of these attributes in turn affects the other, and while a paint may have a good level of opacity, the ease of application or lack thereof, could hinder the final outcome with the paintwork appearing patchy and not professionally finished. Designed to provide maximum hiding power and superior coverage, Taubmans EasyCoat Pro has excellent opacity levels and this combined with its excellent application results in a professional finish every time.

Taubmans’ invested in extensive testing to perfect the formulation of EasyCoat Pro to ensure that the product is easy to apply and has good flow, which in turn achieves a smoother and more even finish. In terms of maintenance, Taubmans EasyCoat Pro rates above average when it comes to both washability and scrub resistance, which is an important factor for the longevity of a quality paint finish. The added advantage of Taubmans unique Bacteria Shield™ antibacterial technology is a layer of protection for interior surfaces aiding in inhibiting the growth of mould and mildew. Also low in VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), EasyCoat Pro has been approved by the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice program, which supports products that may help people who suffer with asthma and allergies. Taubmans is the only Australian paint brand to be approved by the community service program. When specifying paint for any project, there is often a fine balancing act between selecting a high quality product that meets all the project requirements, and meeting financial budgets. Taubmans EasyCoat Pro is ideal for margin sensitive and high volume commercial projects and is the perfect paint for interior environments. Taubmans EasyCoat Pro is one of Australia’s most frequently specified paints for projects such as education facilities and housing, from single residential dwellings through to high-rise apartment living.

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