Explore and specify colour with ease using the Taubmans NCS Fandeck and NCS Atlas. NCS - Natural Colour System® was created after in-depth research was conducted which brought together a colour system constructed around how humans perceive colour.

The NCS Fandeck includes 1950 standard NCS colours carefully placed together allowing for quick identification of colours across the colour space. Across 216 pages, the NCS Fandeck is divided into 5 different sets greyscale, yellow, red, blue which follow the NCS colour circle.

The NCS Atlas provides a more in-depth display of the 1950 standard NCS colours. The Atlas contains 40 pages with each page representing one hue demonstrated using the NCS triangle. Each individual colour chip is placed on the NCS triangle highlighting the relationship between the hue and nuance. The NCS Atlas includes specified lightness and light reflectance values making this the perfect option for specifying colour.

The NCS system is made up into three steps which forms the unique NCS naming convention. The notation is up of the Hue and Nuance which describe the colour allowing for better comparison of colours.

The full potential and accuracy of the Taubmans NCS Fandeck and NCS Atlas systems can only be fully achieved by using Taubmans products and customised colourants.

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