Taubmans 1 Paint + Prime 

Taubmans 1 Paint + Prime is a combined 1 step solution that coats over aged enamel, timber, plasterboard, and dark coloured surfaces with no undercoat required. Supported by a 10 year guarantee, it has a durable finish and maximum hiding power.


  • Self Priming
  • Scrub and Stain resistant
  • Low VOC

1L, 4L, 10L


Low Sheen

*Taubmans 1 Paint + Prime is guaranteed for 10 years against blistering, flaking and peeling if applied on suitable and properly prepared surfaces according to printed directions. This guarantee is given by the manufacturer and applies to defects in the manufacture or formulation of the paint. This guarantee does not cover paint failure caused by factors beyond the control of the manufacturer. PPG's liability under this guarantee is limited to replacing the paint or the cost of replacing the paint. PPG is not liable for the cost of labour or any other direct or indirect loss or damage arising from a breach of this guarantee. Nothing set out above excludes or restricts your statutory rights.